Data acquisition and processing, leisure and competition mechanic training

AIM Mychron 5 Training - Data Acquisition


          0F1           Discovery training: 1⁄2 Day (3-5 people)
Discovery of the hardware, presentation of the interface, course on how to master the RaceStudio3 software and its (basic) functions.
          0F2           Advanced Training: 1 day (3-4 people)
Learn how to read, compare and analyse curves using the integrated sensors (G-Lateral, RPM, GPS points, Histogram, etc...)
For people used to using the RaceStudio3 software.
          0F3           Race weekend assistance
AIM technical support and advice in the event of problems.


Leisure and Competition Mechanical Training


0M1 Leisure Training: 1⁄2 Day (3-4 people)
Discovery of basic mechanics on a leisure type kart (2-stroke)
- Transmission: Tensioning, chain alignment and clutch removal
- Brakes: Routine changeover and system purge
- Consumables: Pads, Oil, Fuel, 2-stroke mix, Tyres...
0M2 Competition Training: 1 Day (3-4 people)
Mechanics on a 2-stroke competition kart
- Implementing a setup (track settings, running gear, etc...)
- Moving a seat down
- Maintenance before, during and after driving
- Work methodology