15 February 2021

“Lorenzo Travisanutto can be proud of his world title”

A federally accredited coach (DE JEPS), Didier André has participated in the training and development of several drivers since he founded his DADD (Didier André Driver Development) organisation. At the end of September, he was in Sweden alongside Lorenzo Travisanutto, who reached his ultimate goal by becoming FIA Karting World Champion in OK on the Kristianstad circuit. A title that Didier André experienced with great emotion, more than 25 years after himself coming very close to the feat. Lorenzo Travisanutto and Didier André met at the beginning of this season and immediately a spark passed between the former karting and car champion and now coach, and one of the kart racers most prominent on the international scene today. “In the first races of 2018, when I was working in Dino Chiesa’s structure, I was impressed by him, by what he created […]